Trinity UCC Wooster 200th Anniversary 2019

Trinity UCC Wooster, established 1819

As we prepare to celebrate our 200th anniversary next year, we've started to pull together pictures and documents from our history.  Please feel free to send items to the church office so we can add them.

Pictures from the 1800's

Pictures from the 1920's

     Minutes of the St Johns Classics - Our Association report? - 5-17-1921

Pictures from the 1940's

     11-9-1949 Rededication Service document

     Sunday Bulletin 12-29-1946

Pictures from the 1950's

     1958 Sanctuary dedication bulletin

     4-15-58 - Trinity Topics includes Confirmation class listing

Pictures from the 1960's

     5-14-63 - Trinity Topics includes Confirmation class listing

     1969 Church Directory for 150th Anniversary

Pictures from the 1970's

     1975 Church Directory

Pictures from the 1980's

     1988-89 Church Directory - addresses are listed by the names so if you want to see a copy we can email it to you.  Please email the church office for a copy:

Symbolic Meaning in the Trinity Album Quilt Banners - a devotional guide - June 1984   

Pictures from the 1990's

     Pictures found in the Trinity Archive room several years ago

     1994 Church Directory for 175th Anniversary

     1994 175th Celebration Dinner 10-16-94 program

     1999 Church Directory for 180th Anniversary

Pictures from the 2000's

     2004 Church Directory

     Trinity's 190th celebration video from 2009

     2009 Church Directory for 190th Anniversary

     2012 Esperanza Trip Video reflection

Pictures from the 2010's

    2013 Stewardship video where we poked fun at Pastor Kevan from the House Guest Movie

    Trinity's 195th celebration video from 2014

     2014 Church Directory for 195th Anniversary

     Esperanza Mission trip blog - includes links to pictures

All of Trinity Photo albums link


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