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NSM - Chesterland Community Church Visit - June 2017

We welcomed our first group to North Street Mission!  The Chesterland Community Church youth group visited in June 2017.  There were five youth, two adults and their Pastor, Jason Bricker-Thompson.

The group worked four days in our daily breakfast program.  In the afternoon they worked two days at People to People Ministries, and one day each at Sonnenberg Village in Kidron and at MOCA House.

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We at North Street Mission want groups to have a meaningful week and hope that they continue to go on mission trips in the future.  Part of this process involves getting feedback from the groups.  Here is a summary of the feedback from the Chesterland group:

Chesterland Community Church 6/12-6/16
I believe NMS can make a difference by….
• Continuing to open your hearts and minds to new opportunities for ministry and invite others for the journey.
• Providing groups with an experience where we learn about people and issues and we can make a difference to people.
• Spreadi…

Trinity Energy Audit Initiatives made possible with Wayne County Community Foundation Grant

Trinity United Church of Christ - Downtown Wooster
2015/2016 Energy Audit Upgrades
Project scope and funding: In 2011, Foster Energy Management conducted an energy audit of our building giving us a number of projects that we can do to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint.  As one of our stewardship goals we have made it a goal to reduce our carbon footprint to save both energy and money.    Most of these require significant investment up front with paybacks anywhere between one and ten years.
The following projects were made possible, in part, through a grant from the Wayne County Community Foundation.  We are so thankful for the support of the Wayne County Community Foundation for these projects and the many other initiatives that they support in the community.    
In 2015 and 2016 we worked on three projects:  lighting, appliances  and plumbing.  For the lighting project we updated the fluorescent light fixtures to accept the new LED fluorescent style light bulbs.  In addition,…