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NSM - First UCC Sugarcreek June 2018

We welcomed the first group to North Street Mission in 2018!  They were the youth group from First UCC Church of Sugarcreek.  The group worked two mornings in our breakfast program and two afternoons at People to People Ministries.  
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We at North Street Mission want groups to have a meaningful week and hope that they continue to go on mission trips in the future.  Groups are also encouraged to visit us sometime in the future!  Part of the process involves getting feedback from the groups.  Here is a summary of the feedback from the Sugarcreek UCC group:
I believe NSM can make a difference by....
- Helping and accepting people and inspiring others to help.

- Changing the way people view the communities and not only meeting the needs of the community but helping to stop the uprising problems.

- Giving people at least one meal a day to do what they need to do.  For some it may show that these are good people who do care if they get something to eat.

- Continuing to…