NSM-Hope Reformed Church of Kalamazoo

We welcomed a group from Kalamazoo, MI 

The group Monday, with Lyn talking about the Wooster Homeless Task Force

Hope Reformed Church of Kalamazoo, MI

The group arrived Sunday evening 6/19/22.  The group will be here for four work days.  

Click for the group pictures

Each weekday morning the group will work at our breakfast program from 7:15 am to approximately 10:00 am.  Monday morning after breakfast the group talked with Lyn about the Wooster Homelessness Task Force.

Click to view the Wooster Homelessness Task Force Facebook Page

Monday afternoon, the group went and worked at the Habitat Restore.  We've heard of double outhouses - but this might be a bit too much:

Click for more information on Wooster Habitat/Restore

After breakfast Tuesday morning the group talked with our two summer interns, Maud and Brianna.  We discussed what they are doing this summer and college expectations in general.

Tuesday afternoon the group went to Sonnenberg Village near Kidron.  The Village is being rebuilt in a field moving period buildings into place and organizing the 5 acre plot into a little village and farm.  After we assisted in a number of projects we talked with an Amish man, Fred about their culture.

Click to view Sonnenberg Village Website

Wednesday morning after breakfast the group played with Maud and Brianna in the Drum Circle that they are establishing after breakfast.  They also did wall stretches?  Joan and Sally talked to the group about the breakfast program.

Listen to the drum circle

Wednesday afternoon, the group went to Moca House Recovery Center.  

Link to the groups pictures

After breakfast on Thursday the group talked to Kevan, Suzanne and Phil about the Esperanza Mission trip that Trinity and the College of Wooster go to each March.  

2019 Esperanza Trip Video

Esperanza trip blog

Esperanza Website

Before lunch we took the official NSM picture of the group wearing the NSM t-shirts.

In the afternoon the group went to People to People Ministries and helped to sort donated items.

For dinner Thursday night, Suzanne had the group out to her house for a picnic and "the first bon fire of the year"

At dark we sat outside behind the church and talked about the homeless.  During our talk we were able to talk to three homeless people.  



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